What is wellness and its five dimensions ?

Defination of wellness and statement of its dimensions with explanations.

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Types of Elasticity of Demand in Economics.

What are the types of Elasticity of Demand in Economics? And mention the effect of price change on the quantity demanded of any commodity through a table.


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Corporate strategy

  1. Valerie is the CEO of an automaker and wants to ensure that her corporate strategy is leading to processes and behaviors that will foster a strong financial performance. Based on what you know about the flow of organizational culture, which of the following acts does NOT directly tie corporate strategy to performance?


a. changing the company’s organizational structure to more closely align with its structure

b. developing a control system that provides feedback on whether the strategy is working or not

c. executing strategic HR practices that will assist in recruiting the right employees to support the strategy

d. releasing formal statements in support of the company’s strategy in order to garner employee buy-in


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Elasticity of Demand in Economics.

What do you understand by Elasticity of Demand? And what are the factors that affecting Elasticity of Demand ? Illustrate.

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Indifference Curves Analysis in Economics.

"Under Indifference Curves Analysis, price ratio and MRS are equal to each other at the equilibrium point." Explain it.

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Indiference Curves Technique in Economics.

What is Indiference Curves Technique in Economics? 

Explain the fundamental assumptions of Indiference Curves? 

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Cardinal Utility Approach and Ordinal Utility Approach in Economics.

Define 'Cardinal Utility Approach' and 'Ordinal Utility Approach' in Economics?

Explain clearly how 'Ordinal Utility Approach' is superior to 'Cardinal Utility Approach' ?

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Law Equi-Marginal Utility in Economics.

Give an analysis of Law Equi-Marginal Utility with suitable example? 

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Consumer's Equilibrium by Diminishing Marginal Utility and Consumer's Surplus in Economy.

How does a consumer attain equilibrium by way of Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility? Elaborate.

What is the meaning of consumer's surplus? How do we calculate it by the concept of Diminishing Utility? How do price changes affect consumer's surplus?

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What is 'Utility' in Economics.

What do you understand by Utility in Economics? Explain.

What do understand by Want in Utility? And what are the characteristics of Want?

What do you understand by 'Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility'? And what are the assumptions of 'Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility' in Economics? Illustrate.


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Discuss two main types of non- probalistic sampling ,giving examples on each type.

Discuss two main types of  non- probalistic sampling ,giving examples on each type.

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How many counties are there in our country Kenya?

How many counties are there in our country Kenya?

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Do koalas eat honey like other bears?

Please state some facts and specify the writer. Make it in a paragraph form.

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Do Kirlian photographs show the soul of an organism?

Make it atlteast 150 words. Not outline form. Please also specify examples if necessary.

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