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Do you agree with the statement that 'Every manager is an HR manager'?

Please be honest with your answer and make it in a paragraph form.


Expert Solution

Managers are the on who is responsible in handling team management skills in order for them to be able to help their teams accomplished increased productivity. The definition of HR managers are not entirely different from that of other managers. HR is a managerial function, which helps every managers with recruitment, motivation and maintaining employees within the organisation. Hence, all managers exercise HR functions irrespective of their department and level, considering the high level of human relations. Actually, obtaining outcomes through people is the name of the game. Thus, it is definitely essential for managers to have enough knowledge in terms of handling HR in order to become effective managers and attain maximum productivity.

Yes. Because each manager is a HR manager as they are in charge for leading, motivating, developing and recruiting the right talent. 

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