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Ideas for organization in COVID-19

  1. During Covid 19 Pandemic. Discuss FOUR (4) ideas to help the organization to sustain their operation.


Expert Solution

During COVID like pandemic situation, it is natural to expect less number of projects for the organisation and thus the resource utilisation% and profit % is most possibly subject to see a negatively declining trend.

So, in such situation, following 4 strategies are suggested to add more value and sustain the business for long.

1) Focus on cost cutting measures and effect strict controls on expenses. Bring down the overheads.

2) When the project flow is lean, focus on understanding the project needs of the internal organisation and use the time to build capability there.

3) Spend the available time to upskill all the associates in the organisation.

4) Invest the available time on building future sales pipeline. Build your intellectual properties.

Prepare strong future pursuit threads.

Assumption made: Organisation considered - Software firm.

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