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What volume of 0.20 M NaCl(aq) contains 10.0 g of NaCI (molar mass 58 g/mol)?

What volume of \(0.20 M \mathrm{NaCl}(a q)\) contains \(10.0 \mathrm{~g}\) of \(\mathrm{NaCl}\) (molar mass \(58 \mathrm{~g} / \mathrm{mol}\) )?


Expert Solution

Molarity \(=\frac{\omega}{m \times V}\)

W \(\Rightarrow\) mass of soluteren 

\(m=\) molar mass solute

V = Volume of solution \((L)\)

Molarity \(=0.20 M / \mathrm{L}\)

\(w=10 \cdot 0 \mathrm{~g}\)

\(m=58 g/mol\)


v\(=\frac{10.0}{58 \times 0.2} = 0.862L\)

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