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Who served the longest term as the president of Kenya?

Who served the longest term as the president of Kenya?


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Kenya has had a sum of 4 presidents. Two of the previous Presidents, Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi (perished). Daniel Arap Moi, the second leader of decolonized Kenya, was the longest serving head of state to govern the country for a very long time and was in office from 1978 to 2002 (Khapoya, 1980). Prior to his administration, he was the VP. The previous president Daniel Arap Moi passed on of 95 years old. For this situation, this article will clarify top to bottom the existence of Moi as the longest president who managed Kenya.

                Prior to joining legislative issues, Moi was an educator. In the temporary legislature of the recently autonomous Kenya, Moi turned into the Minister of Education. He established the Kenya Democratic African Union (KDAU), an ideological group whose goal was to address minority clans whose voices didn't get a space among the standard ideological groups like Kenya African National Union (KANU).

                Kenya Democratic African Union kept going a simple four years (1960-1964) after which it was disintegrated (Khapoya, 1980). Moi proceeded to join the Kenya African Union from where he began his excursion to lead the country.

                He presented an established revision 1982 where he basically made the country a solitary party state with KANU at the middle (Khapoya, 1980). This move brought about the main endeavored upset to eliminate Moi from power. After the bombed overthrow, a few resistance powers were imprisoned.

                Even after this move multi-party races were held and Moi won five terms in 1978, 1993, 1988, 1992 and 1997 (Khapoya, 1980). After his arrangement as the head of express, his forces expanded dramatically.

                As indicated by the Associated Press, Moi's administration became severe and tyrannical (Kagwanja, 2003). Any resistance against his moves and rules was met with an ardent response like confinement and even torment. Moi likewise practiced amazing force in controlling the legal executive, overruling court choices and excusing judges.

                As indicated by the Human Rights Watch World Report (2003), broad wilderness and debasement dissolved the nation's social and financial texture and this was supervised and permitted under Moi's imperious standard of 24 years.


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The longest serving president was Daniel Arap Moi who served for a total of 24 years.

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