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Consider the topic: Identifying the causes, challenges and solutions of fishing vessel engine failure in Ghana?...

Consider the topic: Identifying the causes, challenges and solutions of fishing vessel engine failure in Ghana?

In writing please take note of the following: The topic is not about fishing. Its about fishing vessel engine failure. So first explain what a fishing vessel is, sating types, origins, and how they are used. Then you talk about engines of vessels and their brands/types. Explain what an engine failure means and the various possible causes of engine failures. What happens when vessel engine fails from the past scenarios and how such cases were dealt with, etc etc


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fishing vessels are sea going ships which are used for catching fish. these are specially designed for fishing.

>>cutters for inshore fishing

>>ships engaged in long fishery


>>fish factory ships,freezing packing of fish.


dugout and rafts canoes are oldest fishing vessels made from tree logs and stones.Neolithic period around 7000-9000 years ago.a 7000 year old boat has been found in kuwait. these early vessels were not have good capability only used for fishing and hunting.


fishing vessel consists a high speed marine diesel engine.

1. Wärtsilä 31 engine> it is the world's most efficient 4 stroke diesel engine. as per Guinness world records.  Wärtsilä also supply the complex propulation system.

2. MAN energy solution> MAN energy solution has multiple,proven efficient medium speed engines suitable for fishing.

3. Galerna Lau>> designed by Armon and Cintranaval is latest propulation system. with adjustable propelller blade pitch SCPs are suited for berthing, deploying retrieving manoeuvring fishing gear.

engine failures>>

failure of a fishing vessel engine can either be grouped by engine sub-systems as fuel injection system, the valve system, cylinders/pistons and the colling system.

causes of engine failure>>

1. leakages at starting air valve

2. problems in the fuel system

3. blockage of moving parts

4. electrical system failure

5. improper monitoring and maintenance

6. bad handling.

what happens when vessel engine fails.

1.vessel casualties>> fishing vessel accidents occur when physical system fails. fisherman exceed its capabilities or it is overwhelmed by external forces like waves(Grissim 1990).

2.flooding and foundering>> failed material resulting in a breach of the vessel's hull, which frequently leads to stability problems. but rate of water ingress sometimes gives time to correct , control the problem or evacute.

a. (tylor 1985, lesh 1982)- failing to detect improper clogged

b. (NTSB 1987, LESH 1982) failling to detect hull leaks.

3. capsizing>> when vessel are made to operate in environmental conditions or in ways that exceed their righting capability.

a (adee 1985, 1987, NTSB 1987) overloading

4.fires and explosions>>

an estimates 70% of fires associated with vessel related causes. fisherman faced with fire at sea neither call for help nor run away. they must fight the fire (sabella1986)

5. groundings>>

grounding results from navigational errors, but also from propulsions or sterring system failure insufficient power to move off or away from a shoal or inlet during heavy weather or another line without enough scope for prevailing conditions(see CCG 1987).

6. collisions>>

collisions is a result of human factors, engineering measures can mitigate the hazard.steering and propulsion system and navigational.

the fishing vessel Alaskan Monarch lost sterring while beset in ice off the pribilof island, march 15 1990. after the coast guard cutter storis was unable to get close enough to pass a towline, all fisherman aboard were rescued by a cost guard helicopter.

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