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max and jill both use quarters to fill up a parking meter. Max's parking meter is for 2 hours and jill's parking meter is for 1 hour and 30 minutes. max goes into a store and when he comes back, he sees that his parking meter has 1/4 of the time left. Jill goes for a run and when she comes back she sees that her parking meter has 3/4 of the time left. who has more time left? by how many minutes?


Expert Solution

Max parking meter is for 2 hours.

so , when he came back from super market he sees

1/4 th of time left which means,

out of his 2 hours of parking meter time he has 1/4 th of time remaining when he returned from supermarket.

so 1/4 th ( 2 hours)

= 1/4 th ( 120 minutes)

= 30 minutes.

[since 1 hour = 60 minutes].

Now coming to Jill's parking meter, which is set for 1 hour 30 minutes = 90 minutes.

when she came back after running she has 3/4 th of time left , which means she spend only 1/4 th time of parking meter time in running.

so 3/4 th of ( 90 minutes ) = 67.5 minutes.

so remaining time for Jill's is 67. 5 minutes.


Jill's have more time than max by a time of

67.5 - 30 = 37.5 minutes.

Jill's have more time left. by 37.5 minutes.

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