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A neon lamp produces what kind of visible spectrum?

1) A neon lamp produces what kind of visible spectrum?

2) The particle of light emitted when at atom changes from a higher energy level to a lower energy level is called

3) The wavelength of blue light is greater than red light and its energy is greater. True or False?

4) In the grating equation n?=d sin ?, the quantity ? will be determined in the lab?

5) The study and analysis of light according to its component wavelengths is called?



Expert Solution

1) Discrete: Neon light emits wavelengths specific to the atoms in the bulb with little or no wavelengths in between.

2) Photon

3) False because, Blue light has a smaller wavelength, higher energy, while red light has a longer wavelength with lower energy.

4) "using meter sticks and geometry/trigonometry".

5) spectroscopy

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