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briefly explain the relationship between these two terms.

Business and Ecology are two different terms; briefly explain the relationship between these two terms.


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Unplanned industrialization is dangerous to ecology and ecosystem. Industrial growth without proper planning leads to ecology imbalance and pollution of water, air and sound. This situation exists in many countries around the world. Unplanned industrialization disturbs the entire ecosystem and ecological balance.

Planned industrial growth is needed for ecological balance. No one is against industrial growth. Its importance is universally accepted for economic growth, employment opportunities and higher standards of living. However, the process of industrialization should move in a well planned manner. This means industrial growth should not disturb ecological balance and peaceful life of the people. Adverse effects of industrial growth should be avoided or minimized. Industrialization should be without adverse effects.

Pollution control is essential for better social welfare. All necessary measures should be taken at the business level for avoiding pollution and other adverse effects of industrial growth .

Environmental protection. Is the responsibility of all but particularly of the business enterprises. Ecological balance is a matter of serious concern. Business must accept social and moral responsibility as regards
pollution control, clean environment and ecology balance. It is also necessary to give proper education, guidance and training to top level managers regarding pollution control and ecological balance.


Unplanned industrialization, planned industrial growth,Pollution control  and environmental protections. 

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